This and that: Saipan edition

Today we have an article from tomorrow’s newspaper. In the July 15th edition of the Saipan Tribune, Lakeland High graduate Bob Coldeen tells the story about the time King Eddie Feigner brought his softball court to town….

Friday night came. I was astonished to see that the visiting team only brought four players: a pitcher, catcher, first baseman and rover. It was a mismatch. Lakeland lost.

Feigner was known as the King for his softball prowess. His team of four barnstormed the world for 54 years, playing over 10,000 games in more than 100 countries. It’s said they won 95% of their games. In one exhibition, the pitcher struck out six of Major League Baseball’s best. Feigner died in February.

Coldeen now lives in the Northern Mariana Islands, but grew up in Lakeland, and graduated from Lakeland High in 1969. Oh, and Saipan is 15 hours ahead of Lakeland and tomorrow’s paper was published today.