Mike Herr speaks to Fla. Bipartisans

County Manager Mike Herr spoke tonight to the Lakeland chapter of the Florida Bipartisan Civic Affairs Group. as with all such meetings there was a variety of subjects discussed, and I’m sure Ledger reporter Tom Palmer will have a recap.

There was one CSX Polk County Rail Hub related slide I found hopeful, “Polk County is coordinating with Winter Haven on the need to conduct joint planning for the surrounding area to develop a “master plan.” I spoke to Herr after the meeting, and the county and Winter Haven haven’t yet sat down, nor is there a definitive time table.

County Commissioner Jean Reed was in attendance and mentioned that Lake Wales wants to stop the projects progress until the DRI is complete.

Mike Herr speaks to Fla. Bipartisans CC by Chuck Welch.

9:30pm: Update to add text.