Another Perspective

Robert Dunham “has over thirty-four years of market experience in real estate counseling and problem solving.” He did some consulting work with the Polk Parkway. Dunham also has an opinion about the proposed Heartland Parkway.

I have been following with great interest the discussion regarding the so called “Heartland Expressway” a proposed new corridor running from I-4 NE of Lakeland through Osceola, Polk. Highlands, Hardee, Desoto and Lee Counties. This is one of those ideas which is so good that it may not happen!

As a market analyst engaged in market studies, highest and best use studies and feasibility analysis this project has all of the ingredients to make an interesting and compelling study. – It’s All in Your Perspective

(A post by Polk County News Blog author Billy Townsend on the Heartland Parkway.)