DayJet at Lakeland Linder

Marker for the 344th Bomb GroupYesterday, DayJet(Internet Archive link) came to Lakeland Linder Airport. Josh at Empirical Polk has had the story and some photos of the plane*. Kelly Griffith has the story for the Orlando Sentinel.

I have a DayJet story of my own. As Josh mentioned, DayJet had contacted local bloggers to attend their media day. I decided not to attend since my daughter had a swimming class during the time plus the knowledge Josh would be there. However, Tuesday night Josh was stranded in DC. Wednesday morning, I decided there should be a blogger presence, and I figured my daughter would like to see the jet. So we arrived at the agreed-upon media time of 8 am.

And found no DayJet.

The poor DayJet rep was calling around trying to find out what happened. She eventually apologized and let me know there would be an event at 11:00 am, and the media rides would be rescheduled 2 pm to 4 pm. It worked out well for Josh, who took many more photos than I would have. I just chalked it up to further proof planes are physically unable to be on time when I’m involved.

We did get a picture of the marker honoring the 344th Bomb Group before seeing the Bay News 9 crew arrive. We informed them of the delay and headed off for swimming class.

I’m not sure what Bay News 9 did while they waited…

Aside: You should take a look at Griffith’s blog: Across the Pond: An American’s Guide for UK Visitors. (That’s a link to the page on the internet archive.)

* – Here’s Josh Hallett’s Dayjet story from his blog. (added April 2011)

Photo CC by Chuck Welch