CSX’s Public Relations Firm

Josh at Empirical Polk just reported his assumption that CSX’s public relations firm is Fleishman Hillard, based on his server logs no doubt.

For similar reason, I wouldn’t doubt that MPB Communications of Orlando isn’t helping. The company advertises itself as “The Reputation Management Firm.” (*)

I’m not surprised that CSX has PR people helping out with the Polk County rail hub issue. Part of the problem with this project is a public perception that Winter Haven and CSX tried to sneak the project into the county.

Like a project that big could be slipped in like Irsay moving the Colts.

But, what is true, is that elected officials and select business leaders projected an air of arrogance when questioned about the project. CSX needs to put the numbers out there, keep them consistent, and address public concerns as they’re aired.

CSX would do this best by appealing directly to the public, and not filter their image through local leaders who have their own baggage and agendas.

And that’s exactly why you have a public relations firm.

(*) Of course, if either PR company comments that they are not working with any entity connected to the project, I’ll update this post with the information.