No development shall be undertaken on a project which is subject to DRI review prior to the issuance of a Development Order (DO) except as authorized by a Preliminary Development Agreement (PDA). The PDA, usually between the developer and DCA, allows the developer to proceed with a specified percentage of the project before completion of the DRI process. Section 380.06(8), F.S. outlines the procedures for this process. A model PDA is available from DCA or the Planning Council. – West Florida Regional Planning Council

Why am I bringing up that paragraph? As Billy Townsend wrote, always read the fine print. It seems last week’s decision by the state to go ahead with a DRI for CSX wasn’t as cut and dried as was assumed.

Well, assumed by regular citizens. CSX, Winter Haven officials, developers, and select lawyers must have been snickering behind their hands.

The Preliminary Development Agreement in question was mentioned in the latest from the Department of Community Affairs. Townsend has the relevant paragraph, but I want to emphasize a single sentence: “If you wish to proceed toward such an agreement we believe it could be completed fairly quickly.”

Who is in such a hurry?

Over at the Polk County Rail Hub I’ve posted a Model PDA. As other documents come to light I’ll add them to the site. Updates will be mentioned here.

Update: Townsend has a passage from the pertinent DRI law.