This is not the rail hub you are looking for…

Twice this weekend Billy Townsend read my mind. Each time I was about to post something he beat me to it. OK, maybe it is less mind reading and more the fact he’s hot on the CSX story.

When you debate the need for journalists in our society remember CSX and the Rail Hub. The reporting of this story has altered the direction of the project. I’m sure CSX and Winter Haven expected to announce “Jobs!” and we’d all fall prostrate with gratitude.

However, a precious few bloggers and journalists spoke up. Josh Hallett at Empirical Polk, Tom Palmer at the Side Table Spectator both asked pointed questions. But no one has thrown as much light on this story as Townsend. Kudos.

Not too long ago I put together a guide to the CSX story. Townsend is putting together one for his work, but I want a go to place for everything I find on this story. I’m putting together Polk County Rail Hub to contain links to every story, press release, map, blog entry, and rumor I can find.

I’ll usually post the first paragraph of what I find, with a link back to the original. I’ll try to add my take in the “more” section of a post. Finally, I’ll tag an entry with the proper index terms. (Satisfying my inner librarian.)

I just have a select few entries at the moment. I expect to get most entries up by late tonight.