Mentioning Lakeland

Over at Empirical Polk Josh found a couple of recent mentions of Lakeland. One was happy to move here, while the other was happy to move away.

I commented that the more I think about it the more I believe Lakeland is an age, not a place. For example, we’re just the right size for thirtysomethings raising new families. The other day Billy Townsend mentioned college students probably should leave their home town. I wasn’t so sure. I grew up in a town with a lot of after class places to go. But, I think he might have been right when it comes to Lakeland. I’m not the right age to know; are there clubs and hang-outs for college-age students in Lakeland? I haven’t stumbled over any.

I also found a Lakeland related post tonight. This one mentioned a local business:

We also got a chance to re-visit with Madame Marie and her family. She is the woman with six children and one of them was born hydra cephalic (water on the brain). Mobility World of Lakeland, Florida donated a very expensive wheel chair which we had shipped down and taken to Madame Marie for Berchard. Before she had the wheelchair, she held her daughter all day long. Every day. This is Berchard today. As you can see, she’s smiling. Smiling is something she never did before. — Our Hearts for Haiti

I’ve not yet had a need to visit Mobility World over on Edgewood Drive, but I’ll remember their charity.