Lakeland Electric Chips In

You’ve seen trucks trimming trees away from power lines. They don’t leave limbs laying all over your yard though. They’re always nice enough to carry one of those super silent grinders.

Did you ever wonder what they did with all that ground wood?

Well, neither did I, but today I stumbled across this interesting tidbit:

Lakeland Electric’s Authorized Contractor will deliver one load of woodchips free of charge. The average delivery consists of 10-12 cubic yards of coarse wood chips, twigs and leaves. The wood chips are not landscape quality and are recommended for use as ground cover, driveways, parking areas and mulch piles. Delivery will be made when a line clearance crew is working in the area. — Lakeland Electric

Before you place expensive mulch on the parking spot next to your Mother-in-Law addition, send a request (pdf) to Lakeland Electric for some free woodchips.