Hurricane Day

PostcardWe moved here just before hurricane season 2005. Our friends, and well, everyone, warned us about hurricanes. They had lived through the storms of 2004. We read all the pamphlets, web sites, and newspaper articles on hurricane preparedness. I was impressed to action.

I put together evacuation routes on our GPS. We created a hurricane closet in the most secure part of our home. We stored enough to live on for a month.

Thankfully, we didn’t need to use any of the supplies.

The story was the same last year. We replenished the supplies. I rechecked the evacuation routes. We rearranged the hurricane closet. I added a supply box to throw into the trunk in case of an evacuation.

The story was the same. Lakeland was spared in 2006

So, here it is 2007. Guess what has become the family Memorial Day Weekend tradition?

Yes, we spent the weekend on the hurricane closet. Food we’d eaten over the winter was replaced. We’ve added a couple of LED flashlights on the recommendation of Bill at A Cracker Boy Looks at Florida.

This year I’ve created 3-day backpacks for each of us.

I don’t know when the Ledger will print its annual Hurricane Issue, but are some sites I found on preparing your supply closet.

Family Hurricane Survival Kit and the Basic Supplies from the Weather Research Center
Prepare your financial hurricane kit from the St. Pete Times
• National Hurricane Center’s Supply Kit
Polk County Emergency Management Page
• Hurricane Kit Community

Next week I’ll put together a map of the shelters in Lakeland.

Photo “Florida Postcard” CC by 41Dodge