What exactly is “Faith-Based Training?”

This isn’t Lakeland specific, but close enough. I mean, some Lakeland residents could end up living in a new facility. And paying for the privilege.

In our continuing efforts to proactively fight crime, we are gearing up to begin several Faith-Based Initiatives in the Polk County Jail system.

That’s Sheriff Grady Judd on the county’s new jail/work camp.

It isn’t just the work camp that will have faith-based training. Sheriff Judd continues:

My three goals are to have in place: Faith-Based Dormitories in both jail facilities, where inmates may participate in life skills classes and other faith-based programs; Faith-Based Mentoring, where mentors will work hand-in-hand providing inmates with role models, accountability, and sound advice, with the goal of helping them re-integrate into the community upon their release; and Faith-Based Inmate Referrals, providing inmates with valuable information upon release to link them with resources.

I’m a bit confused. When I was a kid, “faith-based training” was called Sunday School. Is this a Sunday-only jail? That’s just not right.