What Ever Happened to….

He was recently big news not only in Lakeland, but across the nation. Lately though, news has been scarce from Christopher Wilson.

You don’t remember the name? Maybe these quotes will help:

It started about 18 months ago as an amateur pornography site, where 27-year-old Chris Wilson invited people to send in sexual pictures of their wives and girlfriends. — The Ledger Sep. 28, 2005

On Wilson’s Web site, he trades access to pornographic pictures for photos — many of them very graphic — purported to be from Iraq and Afghanistan. — The Ledger Oct. 9, 2005

So far, no law enforcement or military officials have asked him to shut down his site or to remove the gory photos posted by soldiers, he said. — The Ledger Sep. 29, 2005

Now you remember. The Ledger ran numerous articles about the case of the Lakeland man who ran a website that contained nudity and war photographs. The story was national news for weeks. A few days after that October 9, 2005 article was published, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Wilson. His 15 minutes of fame didn’t take long to conclude.

Wilson pleaded no contest to five misdemeanor counts of possession of obscene materials in Polk County circuit court Friday. In exchange, the state dropped the sole felony charge against him and the remaining 295 obscenity counts. — The Ledger, Jan. 14, 2006

As part of his plea, Christopher Wilson’s website was given to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. That site contains a note explaining why a sheriff’s office owns such a URL. Evidently, they didn’t want to continue hosting porn and war photos. I’d say that was a good call. I didn’t link to the original name for fear of breaking Polk Voice guidelines. If you do a search on Christopher Wilson, you’ll find the original name.

Also as part of his plea, Wilson agreed “not to engage in any Internet business which involves as its dominant theme a focus on sexual conduct or nudity.” He did promise to build a website about his case and “obscenity-related prosecution.”

Evidently, Wilson started that website back in December. I just stumbled over it today. Wilson states that the blog isn’t as political as the name suggests. It doesn’t seem to contain any nudity, but does feature the war images from Wilson’s old site.

It also looks like the old site has been resurrected in some form. I’m not linking there either. You can find it with a simple search.

The Chris Wilson articles at the Ledger:

Lawyer Wants Web Case Dismissed Nov. 15, 2005
Net P0rn Owner Back in Jail Dec. 17, 2005
Wilson’s Lawyers Seek Release Dec. 21, 2005
Request to Free Wilson Is Denied Dec. 22, 2005
Owner of Porn Site Still in Jail Dec. 25, 2005
Appeals Court: Free Web Site Owner Dec. 30, 2005
Pictures Back On Wilson’s Site Jan. 7, 2006
Wilson Will Avoid Jail In Plea Deal Jan. 14, 2006
Owner of Controversial Web Site Gets 5 years’ Probation. Apr. 22, 2006

Note: Unlinked Ledger stories are currently unavailable on the newspaper’s archives.