This and That: Pre-Tax Edition

I’m buried with work this week, but I wanted to mention a couple of items I’ve read.

A new Polk County Chamber of Commerce?

A throwaway line in a story about the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Sarasota/Manatee mentions that Polk County will soon have their own chapter. I wonder where the members plan to incorporate? I’ve asked for more information and will let you know what I find out.

Who’s That Guy?

I’ve received a couple of e-mails asking if I’m often found at Palace Pizza downtown. That’s not me. I had a doppelganger back in my old hometown. It’s odd to think I could have another. Maybe I just have a common face?


Billy Townsend is the person on the CSX story. Read his article from the Sunday Tampa Tribune.

What is good for a business is not always what is best for citizens. Especially a business that doesn’t exist solely in our community. This is why a free press is important to the fabric of our society. We trust reporters to ask the questions that businesses and governments don’t want asked. Josh Hallett (Empirical Polk) mentioned that the Winter Haven News Chief is MIA on this story. I fear so is The Ledger.

Townsend’s story brings up points that are germane to your pocketbook. Read what CSX wants to do and the ramifications on local roads and taxes.

Housekeeping note: I’ve added a tab at the top of this page. Anything I find or write about CSX will be easily accessible from that tab.

Blogging Explosion

Where The Ledger is not MIA is in blogging. I haven’t had the chance to write a guide to the current crop of journalist/bloggers. There are about 18 j-bloggers currently at The Ledger. There has been a few good posts. I’m trying to read all of them, but turn first to Tom Palmer’s Side Table Spectator and Rick Brown’s “Ball-ing” in the Sunshine State. They always have something interesting to say.

There’s a reason most reporters don’t write headlines. Palmer’s blog title tag is: “Side Table Spectator: A blog of usually astute observations from County Commission chambers press table where Ledger county government reporter Tom Palmer presides.

And I won’t even bring up how wonderfully corny I find “Ball-ing” in the Sunshine State. Especially the dash and the quote marks.