Photos Missed and Found

After dinner I drove past the Post Office on Lakeland Hills Blvd. I was surprised to see the last-minute taxes line was short. I was more surprised at the attire of the post office staff: red, white, and blue Uncle Sam uniforms. I missed a good photograph. A lesson: take your camera even if you’re just driving to dinner.

Apr 17 07The other day I found a great set of local photographs on Flickr. The Lakeland photographer responsible for the photo at left has quite a few very interesting images on Flickr. He uses the nom de plume “thatvintageguy44,” but admits to Matt. He describes himself as “Nerdy guy into anime, gaming, dance, reading, photography (of course).” His Flickr subjects include found landscape art and camera multiple-exposure manipulation. Take a look at his Lakeland set, and the rest of his work on Flickr. You’ll enjoy the trip.

All images copyright thatvintageguy44