Lemon Street Celebration

Baseball Balancing on Lemon StreetLemon Street was closed tonight so my daughter could try balancing on a baseball. Ok, there was the Lemon Street Celebration in honor of the Seventh Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition. I guess that’s the real reason traffic was diverted. If you missed the party, you didn’t get a chance to try out some tasty food from Black & Brew, and Zohra’s; not to mention a very popular cake from Publix.

Others might have been in attendance, but I only met one artist — Jeff Downing. His work, Guides of Passage, was in a tight race with The Mustang for the People’s Choice Award. Having a young daughter meant we had to return home before the winner was announced, but I’ll update as soon as I find out.

The band, Bitter Edge, sounded really good. (I admit I’m partial to bands that throw in the occasional Beatles cover. As long as they do it well.)

Finally, something we learned at the celebration: the artist of A Subtle Miracle designs her work not only to be seen, but touched. Run your fingertips across that stainless steel. You won’t feel that pattern you see.

Update: The Mustang took home the People’s Choice Award. More information to come this afternoon….