Lakeland Police Significant Calls for Service

It’s time for our weekly map of Lakeland Police Significant Calls for Service. This is the fourth map in the series. The information is supplied by the LPD and I use a spreadsheet and Atlas to map the information to a Google Map.

So, this is the Lakeland Significant Calls for Service for March 26- April 1, 2007.

There are 55 events listed in the following areas: Business Burglary, Personal Robbery, Stolen & Attempted Stolen Vehicle, Residential Burglary, and Vehicle Burglary. Residential Burglaries are represented by the little houses while the rest are each a different color pin. I tweaked the map to put the full list of items under the map.

You can still click on a map pin to see the address and type of report. Click and hold to grab the map and move it around.

Update: I just noticed Atlas lists each item with the time it was placed on the map, instead of the time of the event. When you click on a pin the call times are correct in the pop-up windows.

In related news, The Lakeland Ledger is showcasing the map each week on their site. Here’s the one from last week.

If the map is missing, Atlas is having a hiccup. Try again in a few minutes.

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