CSX Scope of Services

The Ledger and the Tampa Tribune have both reported today on the county’s plans to hire a consultant to review the CSX project. This morning, The Ledger’s Tom Palmer asked a few questions about the review on his blog, Side Table Spectator.

Billy Townsend reported that County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson might raise the issue of “forcing a development of regional impact.” Townsend also posted the document in Word format. After the jump, I’ve reproduced it in plain text.

I have to head to class, but later tonight I plan to add a few links in the text.


URS Task Work Order #2


The purpose of this report is to identify the issues and opportunities associated with the development of the CSX Integrated Logistics Center (ILC) in south Winter Haven. It will address the ILC project at a concept-level, while more detailed planning and engineering studies are expected to follow this effort. This report will provide a basis for future joint planning between the City of Winter Haven (City) and Polk County to maximize the ILC’s potential as a community and economic asset. It will also frame the issues to be addressed as part of future regional and local reviews of the ILC project.


1.Project Description
The Consultant will coordinate with CSX and City officials to document the proposed development of the ILC by phase. The Consultant will prepare one (1) printed copy along with an Adobe Acrobat version of a summary description with accompanying maps/graphics as appropriate.

2. Interview of Project and Community Stakeholders
The Consultant will interview project representatives, local government elected officials and managers, economic development leaders, and other community stakeholders to outline the issues and opportunities related to the development of the ILC. This task will include a total of twenty (20) interviews and is expected to include talks with the following individuals:

CSX project representative;
City of Winter Haven Mayor
City of Winter Haven City Manager
Polk County Commission Chairman
Polk County Manager
Community or Neighborhood Leaders
Executive Director of East Polk Committee of 100
Executive Director of Central Florida Development Council
CEO of USF Lakeland
President of Polk Community College
Executive Director of Central Florida Regional Planning Council
Florida Department of Transportation District One Planning Manager
The Consultant will prepare one (1) printed copy along with an Adobe Acrobat version of a summary of the interview results that highlights any noted issues and opportunities related to the ILC.

3. ILC Issues and Opportunities
The Consultant will prepare one (1) printed copy along with an Adobe Acrobat version of a one-page (11” x 17”) text summary of each issue and opportunity related to the development of the ILC. Maps or graphics will accompany these summaries as appropriate. At a minimum, this task will address the following topics or subject areas:
Job opportunities for area residents;
Complementary industries and land uses;
Appropriate buffering and transition of land uses;
Related economic development strategies;
Movement of freight and access to the regional transportation system;
Employee and local traffic;
Programmed and planned road improvements;
Workforce housing;
Potential impacts on surrounding properties;
Potential community impacts including impacts on regional resources; and
Infrastructure and community services.

Project Schedule

A Notice to Proceed will be issued no later than April 30, 2007 and the deadline for the completion of the study is June 30, 2007.


The Consultant will document the results of Tasks 1-3 in a final report. This report will be formatted to 11” x 17” (landscape orientation) with color maps and graphics. The Consultant will provide one (1) printed copy of the final report along with an Adobe Acrobat version that is suitable for the publication of additional copies.


The Consultant’s total upset fee limit for providing the above services is $21,496.70.