CSX Hub Story

If you haven’t been following the CSX Rail Hub story, you’re missing out on some interesting investigative reporting by Billy Townsend. Since I don’t see tags on TBO, here’s all the stories so far in reverse chronological order:

Lakeland Turned Down Its Own, Smaller CSX Hub In 2003

CSX: Haven ILC Will Nearly Double Train Traffic Through Downtown Lakeland

Examining Job And Traffic Numbers For Winter Haven CSX Hub

CSX Crossroads Redux

More Freight-Shipping Trivia

Polk Is Already A CSX Crossroads

Haven Blogging

And let’s not forget that Empirical Polk’s Josh Hallett (1, 2) and Winter Haven’s Bob Gernert (1) contributed much to the putting the story in the public eye.

I think The CSX story has received a lot more press with the TBO blog than it would have ever received in the traditional media. I only noticed a couple of articles on March 11th from the Ledger.