CSX and the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

The other day I wrote about a meeting between CSX and local business leaders, along with the Lakeland City Manager. The Ledger reported the meeting was not open to the public or the press.

Aghast, I asked, “What does CSX have to hide?

Guess what? It isn’t CSX that wants to close the meeting to you. It’s your very own Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce.

CSX has said it has no problem with an open meeting. But City Manager Doug Thomas, LDDA’s Anne Furr and LEDC’s Steve Scruggs have deferred to the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce in a sort of Emily Post like politeness that has left Chamber president Kathleen Munson as the self-proclaimed “bad guy.”

Munson says the idea is to get candid dialogue. But the public, which is also not invited, will not get its chance to see who says what. And, perhaps most importantly, why. – Swanshots

I’ll restate the question, “What is Kathleen Munson afraid of?”