Unless you’re reading this on your Treo, you’ve noticed some changes. As I mentioned in my mini-interview at Sticks of Fire, I’ve never liked the design of Lakeland Local. It was one I borrowed and made Lakeland Local fit to it.

I don’t use any tools like Dreamweaver. I do it all with Notepad. I’m obviously not bragging. I’m just cheap. So I decided to use another free template and alter it for this site.

Except it wasn’t made for Movabletype — the content management system I use here. It wasn’t even made for a blog. I had to shoehorn the code to make it work. And there are some places where it doesn’t yet fit. Sorry about the search page. It’s readable at least. Usually.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few other glitches, but I’ll gradually fix the problems. As I do, I’ll add some new features. Such as the Crime Map tab you see above. That’ll be the place to find all the Lakeland Police Significant Calls for Service maps I put together from LPD data.

Speaking of which, The Lakeland Ledger is republishing the maps in the Crime & Justice section of their website. Readers must find them interesting. Two maps have been published and each made the top seven Most Viewed Items the day after release.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look.

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