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On the Ledger they had this headline at 6:30:

CSX Project Could Have Major Implications for Lakeland

You think? After all this time, it has to be a major story. The Ledger has been saving up. We’ll get 20 column inches of groundbreaking prose. Nope, it’s five paragraphs of recap. Still, I have to ask a question about this:

Concerned about what effect more trains will have on businesses and budding housing, representatives from Lakeland, the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority, Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce and Lakeland Economic Development Council are scheduled to meet April 19 with CSX to discuss the project.

The meeting, which will not include elected officials, is not open to the public.

Will members of the media be there? Not a single elected official? Not open to the public? Who are these “representatives from Lakeland?” The LDDA, LACC, LEDC are all concerned with business. This is big business talking to little business. Nothing wrong with that, but why doesn’t big business want to talk to the regular people? The ones that have to live and drive in Lakeland.

Seriously, what does CSX have to hide?

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  1. As 30 year transplanted residents of Lakeland we usually heard the trains in the distance over the years but recently bought property closer to downtown for residence and investment. The increased train traffic especially in the middle of the night with screaming horns is unbelievable and very disappointing. Hopefully we didn’t make an unwise choice to invest in. Thinking of moving. We’ve spent our working and college years here and hoped to spend retirement here also. There’s more to community ambience than than financial gains for businesses and politicians. Business, politics, and residents should have equal input in a community’s growth and worth if people want to move here to live and sustain the economy.

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