A Museum Without Walls

Kudos to The Ledger’s Dave Mills and Calvin Knight for their short photo slideshow, A Museum Without Walls. The 2:16 video displays the sculptures from the Seventh Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition with a voiceover by Polk Museum of Art Executive Director Daniel E. Stetson.

At last night’s Lemon Street Celebration, the winners were announced for the Lakeland component of the competition. They were:

BEST OF SHOW: Jeff Downing (San Rafael, CA), Guides of Passage , 2006, Ceramic stoneware with bronze hands

SECOND PLACE: Clifford W. Tresner (Monroe, LA), Tower of Babel, 2005, Carbon Steel

HONORABLE MENTION: Gretchen Lothrop (Pittsboro, NC), A Subtle Miracle, 2004, Stainless steel

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: James Oleson, Jr. (Brooksville, FL), The Mustang, 2006, Stainless steel

Photos of Guides of Passage and The Mustang CC by Josh Hallett