Tigers Media Roundup

oldtigers.jpgThe Tigers are in Tampa Monday to play the Yankees. It’s on ESPN at 1:00 pm.

XM is also carrying some Tigers Spring Training games:

03/07 XM177 Braves @ Tigers 1:05 pm eastern
03/10 XM179 Red Sox @ Tigers 1:05 pm eastern
03/14 XM177 Mets @ Tigers 1:05 pm eastern
03/17 XM178 Tigers @ Blue Jays 1:05 pm eastern
03/23 XM179 Tigers @ Nationals 1:05 pm eastern
03/25 XM177 Yankees @ Tigers 1:05 pm eastern
03/27 XM178 Tigers @ Braves 7:05 pm eastern
03/30 XM178 Yankees @ Tigers 1:05 pm eastern
03/31 XM178 Tigers @ Yankees 1:15 pm eastern

Here’s the full XM Spring Training schedule.

Meanwhile some columnists are wondering about the Tigers:

Jerry Green wonders if the team is a one-year wonder.

Michael Rosenberg wonders if Cameron Maybin is like Griffey.

Bill McGraw doesn’t wonder who Denny McLain’s new book is about…

Old Tigers Stadium CC by beanqueen.killer