Lemon Street Celebration

Lemon Street SculptureI already miss the big metal bed on Lemon Street. However, a new set of sculptures will soon sprout up on 92 between Tennessee and Massachusetts. To welcome the new art, the city is hosting a party for the Seventh Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition.

This isn’t a black tie society affair. We’re all invited to the free Lemon Street Celebration on April 12th from 5:30 to 7:30. Local restaurants will have food to sample, and beverages will be served. (That’s soft drinks for those who have recently moved from New Orleans.) The local band, Bitter Edge, will be on the sound stage and street performers will wander the party.

Please, let there be no mimes.

Anyway, the party will be on Lemon Street between Florida and Massachusetts. It will be my first Lakeland street party. The city promises to close the street to cars, making this celebration much safer than the Derby parties of my youth.

Since it is the Outdoor Sculpture Competition, the winners will be announced shortly before 7:30. We’re hoping the Oscar people aren’t running this show.

The best place to see the new sculptures now is on Empirical Polk. Josh has links to the artists and works for both the Lakeland sculptures and those in Winter Haven.

But here is a list of the Lakeland artists anyway:

Michael Cotrell (Jacksonville, FL), Rorschach, Steel
William W. Donnan (Franklinville, NC), Two by Two, Reinforced cement
Jeff Downing (San Rafael, CA), Guides of Passage, Ceramic and Bronze
Dwight Duke (Eastsound, WA), Double Dragon, Bronze
Stephen Janesko (Tonganoxie, KS), Splitting Spheres, Metal,
Rob Lorenson (Middleboro, MA), Pulsar, Stainless steel
Gretchen Lothrop (Pittsboro, NC), A Subtle Miracle, Stainless steel
Shawn Phillip Morin (Bowling Green, OH), Unidentified Icon #3, Granite
James Oleson, Jr. (Brooksville, FL), The Mustang, Stainless steel
Clifford W. Tresner (Monroe, LA), Tower of Babel, Carbon Steel

Photo CC by Chuck Welch