Lakeland Weather

There is a Tornado Watch for Polk County until 2 am. That’s a Watch, not a Warning.

When I moved here I thought wouldn’t need to worry about tornadoes. Somehow this information wasn’t in my “Welcome to Florida” package:

While no state is immune to a twister’s violent winds, there are places where they touch down more often. The highest concentration of tornadoes is in Oklahoma and Texas, and in Florida. Frequent thunderstorms in western Florida contribute significantly to the number of twisters. Most Florida tornadoes, however, are weak. — USA Today

I’m putting together links to weather sites…just to give myself something to scare myself until 2 am. My first is the Storm Prediction Center. When you hear on the news we’re under a Tornado Watch…the SPC issued the watch.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management has a tornado page. FDEM also has an interactive Family Disaster Plan. Something to do on your laptop while you’re sitting in that interior, windowless bathroom.

This is the National Weather Service7-Day forecast for Lakeland.

Next week I’m starting my Lakeland Hurricane page.