Joker Marchant Stadium Tour

• Before you head down to Lakeland, take a tour of Joker Marchant Stadium. The Ledger just published a podcast and a photo slide show about the stadium. While both the photos and text are interesting separately, the podcast narration isn’t completely synced to the slide show. Though you can easily download the narration, it wouldn’t be easy to follow as you walk the stadium. Nevertheless, fans of the Tigers, the Flying Tigers, and baseball in general will enjoy the Ledger’s work.

• At Flickr, you can also find over 150 photos taken at the stadium.

• Check out the Spring Training Links over on the next column. We’ve added a couple of Tigers’ blogs that are focusing on Lakeland and Spring Training.

• Quick links to Google news and Yahoo News about the Tigers in Lakeland.

• Two videos on Youtube that focus on Tigers’ Spring Training. The first, covers the Tigers opener against Florida Southern College. I have no idea why Uptown Girl is the background music. Maybe for the “Downtown Man” pun? The other video covers the players walking by the fan access area. Oh, and some shots of the parking lot.