Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox

Todd Jones Walks OffThe Tigers lost to the Red Sox today 7-6. The “big news” was the bench clearing “discussion” between the two teams. The impetus for the confabulation? Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett plunked Sheffield and Ordonez and Tigers pitcher Todd Jones was tossed for missing J.D. Drew.

Yeah, tossed because he threw and missed. The umpire said it was Jones’ intent that got him sent to the luxurious showers. That picture shows Jones taking his ejection with stoic calm.

Todd Jones Runs Back
While a minute later this photo shows Jones back on the field to discuss the finer points of the infield fly rule with Red Sox 3B coach Demarlo Hale. OK, I fibbed for the children’s sake. They weren’t discussing the I.F.R. They were not happy with each other. That much was clear. The Tiger spring training record breaking crowd of 9,140 fans were happy to watch the baseball scrum for a few minutes. It gave us time to yell for beer and strawberry shortcake vendors.

I’m serious about the record crowd.

Photos CC by Chuck Welch

Update: Rick has a few photos of the game in his spring training set.