A Tale of Two Solutions: Part One

Bear with me. This one will take explanation, a map, and some photos.

My daughter started school this past fall. It’s about a two-mile walk. So we go together. Actually, I pick her up in the afternoon on a bike with a trailer. At one point we cross a road that doesn’t exist.

Well, at least according to this sign:

Dead End That’s the corner of Palmetto St. and New York Ave. As you can see, the sign says dead end, but the road continues as an unpaved lane. (Actually, it’s some kind of gravel.)

map.jpgHere’s a map of the area. The two white rectangles connecting Waverly to Sikes is a bike path.

Hidden SignThis is the end of that dead end. You can see the road continues on into a community on Lake Hunter. The bike path crosses the road. On the right was a sign warning drivers about the path. As you can see, no one could see the sign.

From the Bike PathThis is the view from the bike path just before you cross the “dead end.” On the left drivers can’t see bikes or pedestrians ready to cross the road. More than once we’d be walking along or riding the bike to have a car whiz by.

No SignThis is the view coming out of the community. It’s easy to see why they couldn’t see us. As you can see, they can’t see anyone on the bike path.

I went to the Public Works Department early one Thursday morning. I had a nice chat with the staff. I even drew a diagram. They were very helpful and promised to get back to me. What happened may not surprise you.

However, it did me. On Friday they inspected the intersection. Found the signs lacking and by Monday they were fixed fixed. Need proof?

New SignThat’s a new sign. It reminds residents coming out of the community there is a pedestrian crossing. Maybe a stop sign would have been nice, but I was happy for any help.

Second New SignThey even fixed the sign on the North side of the dead end.

I haven’t lived in Lakeland long. However, I do have experience with other city government departments, and I’ve never had that fast a response. The Traffic Operations staff was friendly and attentively listened to my concerns. But, that wasn’t my only experience with Lakeland Public Works….

Look for Part Two of A Tale of Two Solutions, tomorrow afternoon.