Searching the Ledger: An Update Hat Trick

(If you’ve stumbled on this in a search read Searching The Ledger then Searching the Ledger: An Update (already) )

In the immortal words of Emily Litella, “Never mind.”

The Ledger search change is temporary.

Yes, in my glee to discover The Ledger had changed the search function, I spent the morning playing (er, testing) and writing about it. I didn’t realize the change was temporary. In my defense, I did check What’s New Online and found nothing. I figured it was one of those changes that wasn’t big enough to warrant a column.

I considered writing Barry Friedman, The Ledger’s Online Director, and congratulating him on the change. (Yeah, the old search function was that slooooow.) In the end I decided writing emails about every little change would drive us both crazy. (A much shorter trip for me, I can assure you.)

In addition to commenting on my second column of the day, Barry did get the time to write about the change:

But we did not want to deprive users of the ability to search our site. So we came up with a temporary solution: When users type a phrase into our search box, they get the results from Google’s index of our site.

Read that column, he’s got an excellent tip on using Google News to get recent information from The Ledger.

Back to you, Cheddar.