Michigan Sans Snow

misample.jpgDuring Spring Training Lakeland becomes the capital of Michigan’s Southern Peninsula. For the next six weeks we’re going to expand coverage aimed at all those snowbirds coming to roost in Lakeland. If you’re in Michigan, and have a question about Lakeland, please comment below. We’ll try to get you an answer ASAP.

Make sure you check out Absolute Michigan‘s guide to Spring Training. Great site. We’re adding it to our new Michigan’s Southern Peninsula blogroll (at right).

I always look forward to it. Lakeland is a good town. I have come to like and respect it very much. It’s not an exciting town, but it is a part of our tradition as much as anything in Michigan. Once in awhile people ask me if it is worth visiting. My answer is yes. – Pat Caputo, Oakland Press columnist, in Open Book

By the way, Florida drivers won’t see much of that old white on blue Michigan license plate. It’s been retired.