LNW: Tigers Fans to Descend

Lakeland News WatchI promise this site won’t turn into Lakeland Baseball Local, but this morning Lakeland was featured in another Detroit News article.

Finding a last-minute place to stay in Lakeland, Fla., will be hit or miss for Tigers fans bound for spring training without reservations. – Susan R. Pollack, Detroit News

While Pollack didn’t call Lakeland “a small mecca of cool“, she had on hand the usual list of Lakeland attractions.

Beyond the ballpark, Lakeland offers plenty of attractions, from browsing antiques shops and art galleries in downtown’s Historic and Antiques district to admiring a noted collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture around Florida Southern College. Susan R. Pollack, Detroit News

In case any Tigers fans are reading this before making their hotel reservations…

Here’s a map of Lakeland and a list of some hotels. This isn’t Detroit, or even Southfield. You can get to the Tigers’ stadium in about 20 minutes of less from pretty much everywhere on that map. (Just don’t drive South Florida Avenue at lunch or evening rush half-hour.) All local hotels aren’t included on the map and I am not recommending any particular hotel. That was just what Yahoo found when I put in the stadium address and asked for hotels. You can search or call AAA [(863) 688-7921],