LNW: They like us, they really like us

Lakeland News WatchIn Florida start your trip in Lakeland: Get there early this year to watch Detroit take PFP—pitchers’ fielding practice. After the Tigers put on a Bad News Bears clinic in the World Series, manager Jim Leyland personally will oversee these drills. The Tabbies first came to this central Florida city in 1934 and, except during World War II, have been here ever since. The parking lot is full of Michigan license plates at charming Joker Marchant Stadium, where fans always chuckle when the temperature back home is announced right before the first pitch. — Chicago Tribune

The Blogging Journalist notes “it’s a matter of survival” regarding the new blogs at the Ledger.

Lakelander has quite a few interesting photos on Flickr.

As does fonem and not just the photos tagged Lakeland.

fonem is an artist, as is Alexis Lloyd, who came to Lakeland to install one of his pieces at the Melvin Art Gallery and took a few photos while he was here.

You might wonder why I didn’t display any of their photos. None were released with a Creative Commons license.