Just the Facts

policelight.jpgSome readers might remember last August when an 18 year-old Sarasota man impersonated a police officer to harass a Lakeland resident.

Yesterday, Bradenton police arrested an 18 year-old Lakeland resident for impersonating a police officer. The article mentions the youth has previously impersonated officers in the Lakeland area.

Sheriff’s spokesman Dave Bristow praised Huyghebaert for his quick thinking. He said Upton admitted to pulling several people over before, generating police reports in the Lakeland area.

Huyghebaert “did everything right,” Bristow said. “He not only used good common sense, but took down a license plate number that eventually led to an arrest.”

Bristow said traffic stops are almost always done by law enforcement officers in marked patrol cars. If not, motorists should look for uniforms and badges. And by no means should a driver throw keys away, Bristow said.

“People should use their common sense. If someone feels uncomfortable, drive somewhere where there is good lighting and other people,” he said. — Bradenton Herald

I’d add: dial 911 that if you’re nowhere near “good lighting.” Tell the operator you’re not sure a real officer has pulled you over. But make sure you keep your hands visible and say loudly you’re calling 911. Any officer who drives an unmarked car should understand your concern.

Photo Illustration CC by IceBone