Guess who said this…


Spring Training 2007 — No Pity
Photo by Roger DeWitt

The most annoying thing about spring training is … the (public address) announcers who insist on broadcasting the current temperature of the cities where the teams are from. “OK, fans in Cleveland. Today it’s snowy and 27. In Detroit, snowy and 23. Here in sunny Lakeland, it’s … 75 degrees.” And all the retired folks cheer. It may be cool to hear this once if you’re a fan. But we hear it every game. We’re in the blistering sun for six weeks, and there’s this shriveled-up 76-year-old with a beer in his hand hooting it up. OK, I’m completely in the wrong here, but, hey, it is annoying. — Read the rest of his column at the Sporting News

The photo above isn’t of the player quoted, but is the first in a series of photos of Spring Training 2007 by Lakeland’s own Roger DeWitt. We’ll feature a new photo by Roger each day of Spring Training.