Detroit Tigers Bag It

CATerpillerIt looks at though the Detroit Tigers have packed up all their equipment and are heading to Lakeland.

I’ll often report on Lakeland Spring Training news. Purely as a public service.

Who am I kidding? I’ll do it because I love baseball. Having a Spring Training park in town was one of the reasons we moved to Lakeland.

That article includes a photo gallery of the team preparing to move. The Detroit News uses an idiotic method to display its photo galleries. So, I’ve made individual links to the photos. (The captions are my own.)

Andy Bjornstad stacks bags.
Tyson Steele loads bags.
Mark Cave drives bags.
Tigers staffers walk bags.
Jim Schmakel talks bags.
Shoe stretcher before being placed in a bag.
Hat stretcher – bagless.
Bob MacDonald, with a bag, on a ladder.

I just noticed the March 30th game against the Yankees will be televised on ESPN. Tune in to see Joker Marchant in all its glory. It looks like Left Field and General Admission tickets are available at this moment.

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Photo Illustration CC by Chuck Welch