Whoa Nelly!

cattlesign.jpgI didn’t take the opportunity to stop and take a photo. However, I can explain why there were four police cruisers slowing traffic on the Polk Parkway at Lakeland Highlands Road this morning just before 8 a.m.

Cattle. More specifically a single domesticated member of the genus Bos.

The soon to be hamburger had wandered through a fence onto the Parkway. The police, having braved alligators in the recent past, were channeling their inner cowboy to herd said bovine away from the road.

True, they stayed in their brightly flashing steads instead of jumping out to wrestle the mad cow to the ground, but they were able to coax him against a fence and away from the rush hour commuters.

I wonder if any of our finest can handle a lariat?

Photo illustration, CC Road Sign near Fitzroy S30183, by yaruman5