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lynns.jpgI might have mentioned that I moved here from the Louisville, Kentucky area. On the Ledger Forum I found another ex-Louisivillian looking to move to Lakeland. He wanted to know a bit about our fair community. I explained in terms I knew he’d find familiar.

You can stop reading here if you’ve never lived in Louisville.

Originally posted by UKCatfan: We originally came from Louisville, KY which is 1M people. Cape Coral seems almost too small for us, so more rural would not make us happy. I believe that Bartow and Winter Haven would just seem too small. We do not need to be right in the action, but at least close. The other areas seem like they are getting too far away for the commute time.

I’d say make the move. Louisville housing prices are lower than here in Lakeland, but there are some big advantages to this “small town.”

Living in Lakeland makes a trip to Disney seem about as long as driving to Louisville to Frankfort. We can get to the beach in about the same time.

South Florida Ave. equals Bardstown Road for traffic. That makes Hwy 98 Lakeland’s version of Frankfort Ave. Neither have the restaurants you’re used to in Louisville though. There are some good places to eat here, but I haven’t yet discovered a Bristols, Lynn’s Paradise, or North Side Cafe.

High school football is king here, just like back in Louisville. Football seems more popular than basketball though. If you like baseball, the Detroit Tigers have spring training here.

The University of South Florida is making a big commitment to Lakeland. In a few years they plan to have a school larger than U of L, but not as large as UK. Florida Southern College is about the size of Bellarmine, but the campus has Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings.

The elementary schools are about the same as in Louisville. (Not quite like the East End schools, but most are solid schools.) Some Lakeland schools have problems with overcrowding. I’d say look at the magnet schools.

The regular bus system is no where near the level of TARC. I don’t know about the school bus system, but I can bike my daughter to school in less than 15 minutes.

(Oh, yes, you can actually bike around here! It’s not just riding through Cherokee Park.)

Anyway, write me if you have any other questions. And if you move here, a welcome cup of tea is on me.

Lakeland doesn’t have an Olmstead designed park system, but I have high hopes we’ll see a major park push in the next decade.

I made a couple of edits from my original Ledger Forum post.

Photo illustration “Lynn’s FountainCC by Vidiot