Lakeland News Watch

Lakeland News WatchBarry Friedman, The Ledger’s electronic media editor, used to compile mentions of Lakeland in out-of-town media. With his kind permission, I’m borrowing the concept for Lakeland Local.

Every so often I’ll make a post consisting of snippits of media or blog entries that mention Lakeland. I’ll use the logo you see above to let you know this is a Lakeland News Watch.

Wish you could live in a castle? Build your own. — Lakeland, Florida’s Ledger ran an article today about T.J. Baker — a man who’s converting his own “50-year-old tract home into a bona fide King Arthur-style castle.” — Toolmonger

FANCY THAT! — CommonGround will have a butterfly theme and will include interactive features. Henricks said one such game might have a button that, when pushed, could tell the child to go talk to someone with brown hair, which encourages interaction among all children in the park. — Orlando Sentinel

Lakeland Six stick together — Yet with seemingly endless borders on its recruiting sandbox, coach Urban Meyer has chosen to invest about one-fourth of his 2007 signing class – six players- at a single high school just two hours from the Florida campus. — Florida Times-Union

You Can Never Have Too Many Bullets …if you have a valid reason to shoot, then make darn well sure that you shoot enough. I have to wonder about the round count though. I bring more than that to family events.– Say Anything (blog)

“Live” grenade removed from Lakeland house — The State Fire Marshal’s Bomb Squad was called to 1847 Lynncrest Rd, after relatives of the deceased homeowner found the hand grenade while cleaning the house. —

Literacy grant bolsters Lakeland Teen Parent — The Lakeland Teen Parent Program, a Polk County public school, was one of three family-literacy programs statewide to be named a 2005-06 Program of the Year by the Florida Family Literacy Initiative, a project of the Volunteer Florida Foundation. — Orlando Sentinel

Dollard’s Sandra Phillips is off to Florida with Stan Posner, her husband and co-author of Drive I-95: Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia, Ed.3 ( They will be appearing at the Snowbird Extravaganza ( on Jan. 30 and 31 at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland. There is entertainment and booths with information relevant to snowbirds and other Floridians too. “We will be there talking to the visitors about how to have fun driving back and forth,” says. Sandra, who recently marked the 24th printing and 20th anniversary of her Smart Shopping book… — The Suburban (Quebec, QC)

The (magnetic) force is with Shawn McDowell — Shawn McDowell needs a magnet to attract the owner of the world’s largest refrigerator. After all, it would take a fridge the size of a U-Haul Super Mover – or about 18 regular-sized coolers – to display all of McDowell’s roughly 4,000 refrigerator magnets edge to edge.

And the entire collection could be yours for a mere $15,000 or so. — Bradenton Herald

These old houses — The Lakeland home the Truitts recently acquired is in the historic district of town and was built in the 1920s. For a time it was a fraternity house for Florida Southern College.

“The neighborhood has a cozy, Norman Rockwell feel with picket fences, park benches and tall white spires on the churches,” said Linda. “And the house sits between Lake Morton and Lake Hollingsworth two blocks back from the water. It reminds me a lot of where I grew up.” — Herald Tribune

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