Armored Personnel Carrier: Update

An update to yesterday’s news watch post. Today, the Ledger published a more complete version of the AP report. It includes a quote from the Lakeland Police Department:

“It’s a wonderful program for mid-sized police agencies like ours,” said Jack Gillen, spokesman for the Lakeland Police Department. Gillen’s agency recently spent $1,500 to buy an armored personnel carrier – something the department couldn’t have afforded without the program.

“We invested about $1,000 in paint and decals. It would have cost $300,000 for a new one. It will provide extreme cover for our officers if they need to ram a building or whatever they need to do,” he said.

I found interesting another point from the AP the article: “The items cost local agencies no more than 10 percent of their original cost, or $2,000, whichever amount is smaller.”

Based on my math education from many years ago, that makes the used APC’s cost $15,000. At that price why buy a Hummer? Imagine the next time you’re at a PeeWee football game and your team comes jumping out of an APC? That’s three intimidation points right there!