This and That: History

Reese Making a Net
The Florida Memory Project mixes photographs, oral history, and other records of Florida through the years. At left is a photo from 1993 showing Lakeland resident Reginald Reese making a net while Max Dooley looks on. Included in the collection is the World War I induction card for Lakeland resident Bert Hunter Lane, and a film about the 1953 Pop Warner League Santa Claus Bowl.

Photo by the Folklife Collection of the Florida Memory Project

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The December 9th NASA launch as seen from Lakeland..

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As part of the Memory Project “highly skilled art students create original portraits for children living in orphanages around the world.” A Lakeland student participating in the project was quoted today in the Washington Post:

“This project is changing how I look at my life,” said Lakeland, Florida’s Mikayla Sanford, 16. “I cannot even begin to comprehend what these children’s lives are like.” Mikayla hopes the portraits will help the orphans know that people care about them.

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After the jump is a partial transcript from today’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Why would I include that? Well, Lakeland resident Mary Ellen Krakowski appeared on the show. And that’s also part of Lakeland history…

Meredith: Mary Ellen Krakowski, our homemaker from Lakeland, Florida. came all the way up here to win a million dollars. You said to me in the break that now you can go home, because you’ve got your thousand.

mek: exactly.

Meredith: so you feel good.

mek: I was not — I wasn’ t going back, I wasn’ t going back.

Meredith: No, well now — now you can go home safely.

mek: phew.

Meredith: but we’ d like you to make it to a million.

mek: oh, that would be good.

Meredith: 10 away at this point, you still have all your lifelines.

mek: Yahoo.

Meredith: you ready to keep playing?

mek: I’ m ready.

Meredith: all right then, let’ s play. this is for $2,000 Mary Ellen.

Meredith: the think pad.

mek: the think pad. I have a sister who works for the company that I believe makes this. I believe it is c, laptop computer.

Meredith: final?

mek: final.

Meredith: it most definitely is a laptop computer.

[cheers and applause] [buzzer sounds]

Meredith: oh, I know, you never want it to end.

mek: my god, I just got here.

Meredith: I know, well, you’ re coming back.

mek: oh, ok.

Meredith: all right, you just go to sleep, then you come back.

mek: all right.

Meredith: it’ s easy enough. you folks come back, too. from new york, everybody, bye-bye for now.