Oh, Tannenbaum!

Last week I wrote about the Lakeland church that had some Christmas trees stolen. It looks as though the community has responded by digging deeper. The church reports many have stopped by to donate, and others pay extra for their tree to help make up for the loss.

It also seems the story has reached Silver Spring, Maryland. I found this on the blog of a cable show producer*, Life in the Sprung:

* On my weekend show we’re doing a segment called BAH HUMBUG where we try to “right” Christmas “wrongs.” Today’s segment involved a church in Lakeland, Florida who had about $3000 worth of Christmas trees stolen from their church parking lot. (Read a story about it HERE.) The proceeds were supposed to go not only to the church, but also to about half a dozen area charities (Boys & Girls clubs, Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, etc.) We had one of the church’s volunteers on the show today to tell us the story and then we put up a fullscreen with information on how our viewers can send donations. I feel really proud and hope it helps. — Dec, 2, 2006, Life in the Sprung

* – I couldn’t find the name of the blogger or his show