Explorations V

The mirror at Explorations V in Lakeland, FLLakeland has a children’s museum. We Work-at-Home-Parents (W@HP) – Yes, I like silly acronyms – need places to take our children during the week. There are only so many times you can have lunch at Lake Morton and feed the swans. Frankly, I think they’re bored with Mint Oreo Cookies. The kids, not the swans.

Where was I? Right. Lakeland has a Children’s museum. It’s called Explorations V. For the life of me, I can’t find out why there’s a V. I don’t think there were four previous museums.

We joined the museum as soon as we wandered into Lakeland. That means we get the member email. And that’s where I got all this information:

Dec. 15, 2006 – Downtown Holiday Fest – Special evening workshop: 6pm-8pm (Ages 5+) $12 for members. Sign the kids up now…we’ll supply fun for them while grown-ups take in downtown Lakeland!

Dec. 18-20 – Family Gingerbread Contest – Design a gingerbread creation with your family && drop it off at Explorations V! (Call (863) 687-3869 for details)

Dec. 21-23 – Vote for your favorite gingerbread creation!

Dec. 27-30 – Gingerbread winners on display! Prizes awarded to winners!

Holiday Workshops:
Pre-registration/pre-payment required

Dec. 18-23 & 27-30 – Gingerbread Houses – Walk in workshops 1pm-5pm daily $2 per house

Dec. 22 & 23 – Holiday Spoons -10am-12 noon OR 2pm-4pm $12 for members

Jan. 2 & 3 – Snow Daze – Walk in workshops 1pm-5pm $2 per person

Make your own snow! Toss snowballs! Design snowflakes!

Photo CC by Chuck Welch