Sunrise, sunset

I’m refreshed after a few days break. (Who am I kidding? I was overwhelmed with deadlines and didn’t have the time to post! Of course, this happens just as Sticks of Fire stumbles over Lakeland Local.)

You’ll notice that over on the sidebar I list Lakeland photographers I find on flickr. I just added someone I found today. She doesn’t have a lot of images on display, but I wish I could share a sample image of one of Jeny Plante‘s sunset postcards. Take just a moment to see them for yourself. If you like what you see, her website has contact information. She evidently does weddings and portrait work.

A related rant: I know I can quote small parts of someone’s work as Fair Use, but I only display a photographer’s work if he/she has released an image under CC. I think it’s always a good idea for photographers to allow review use of one or two images. It helps others publicize your work.