publix.jpgThat uniform may already be a thing of the past at your Publix. Their website mentions every store gets redecorated every five years. It looks as though they’re doing the same for the employees. According to the Orlando Sentinel:

Publix is also testing a new look for its employees. You may have noticed some workers at Publix sporting one of the trial wardrobes: a dark green apron, polo shirt and black pants. Publix said it is experimenting with different uniform styles and color schemes and is still evaluating its employee wardrobe options. However, the company said uniforms will be designed to match new, yet to be finalized, store color schemes.

Just before we moved here we were told that Lakeland was Publix territory. Back north there was a lot of grocery store competition. I was afraid a single chain stronghold would cause a lackadaisical approach to customer service. I found just the opposite. All the stores we use are bright, clean, and friendly. There are a lot of little touches Publix uses to make shopping easier for this dad.

One feature is My Grocery List. You can make out a list based on items you’ve seen on the website, but unfortunately not from the Weekly Specials pages. Oddly, they have an entirely different printable grocery list option for the specials. I’d love if they did a little tweaking with their store databases. That way I could set my usual store and my grocery list could arrange itself by aisle. A grocery really isn’t much different than a library. I’m sure they track where most items are located.

They also have flu shot clinics, photo services (you can upload your pictures and they’ll be ready when you next shop), and they’re part of the Upromise program (buying select items adds cash to a college savings account).

Photo from Publix website