Goodbye Lakeland Tigers!

It’s the end of the Lakeland Tigers!

The team announced today they will hold a press conference on November 11th at 9 a.m. to announce a new team name and logo. It wasn’t that long ago they floated this idea and hired a company to make the move. I’m surprised there wasn’t a fan component in this. Usually teams will hold a competition for a top ten and either choose or ignore them. It looks like Lakeland didn’t want to bother with that process.

Here is the Lakeland Local shortlist for the new team name:

Lakeland Fireballs
Lakeland Sharks
Lakeland Shockers

Lakeland Bears
Lakeland Broncos
Lakeland Destroyers
Lakeland Renegades
Lakeland Rocks
Lakeland Shores
Lakeland Unlimited
Lakeland Palms
Lakeland Oranges

Lakeland Hawks
Lakeland Highlanders
Lakeland Hornets
Lakeland Lakers
Lankland Lancers
Lakelands Wildcats
Lakeland Thunderbirds
Lakeland Vikings

update: 11/08

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