Lakeland: It’s where to buy now….


CNN/ just listed Lakeland in its list of Top 10 cities: Where to buy now. After #1 Panama City and #2 Vero Beach, #4 Lakeland gets this write up:

Aside from the panhandle and Vero Beach, few places in Florida scream out “buy now” like Lakeland. A house goes for a fifth less than the national median of $227,500, and Lakeland is just 30 minutes from Tampa, a juggernaut of 2.7 million people that’s projected to add almost 210,000 more residents over the next five years.- continue

I’m glad to hear they like us. Lakeland is near and dear to my heart. And evidently now to my checkbook. We haven’t purchased a house yet, but even with rising prices we don’t want to jump into anything. I wish there was a way to turn all those “investors” away and leave the homes for those who need them.

Seriously, we need to change the name of this town to slow down all this real estate speculation. It worked for Iceland and Greenland. Maybe take a lesson from Scott Lake and change our name to Sinkhole?

Photo: CC Lakeland Ambleside by Randy Orrison | OK, so the photo illustration isn’t from Lakeland, Florida. I thought it might help my campaign to keep home prices reasonable.