James Michaels Passion for Paint

Julia and James MichaelsAt left is the artist James Michaels and his wife Julia. Friday night Michaels’ opened his exhibit, Passion for Paint at the Polk Museum of Art.

You can see the paintings from the exhibit at his website, but only the full size canvases can truly let you feel the power of his work. I met the Michaels’ a few months ago and have found them very friendly, pleasant, and down-to-earth. The highlight of the opening was listening as he would move from painting to painting to explain the impetus, the process, and the meanings of his paintings. He mentioned that it was the first time in years he had seen some of the paintings together. You could see the excitement in his eyes as he rediscovered his own work.

He took many questions from those who attended the opening; including one from our five year-old daughter, who asked, “Why do you have scary stuff on that painting?” She appreciated his quick, and child-friendly, answer.

Take the time to visit this exhibit. I promise you’ll enjoy it and the rest of the museum’s works.

James Michaels: Passion for Paint at the Polk Museum of Art from October 21, 2006 to January 28, 2007. (directions)